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Need artists

2010-08-11 19:25:54 by arosemena

I'm working on a RPG called Arena Masters, and i am going to need some artists to making items and enemies designs, pm me if your interested =)

Need artists

Totalwebdata renewed

2009-05-31 18:50:30 by arosemena

i decided to start with again, this time it is going big it will be a page full of tutorials with all the new web standarts hope you guys like it

New Project: "Circle Life"

2008-12-26 19:04:50 by arosemena

Its a new idea i got for a game, it will be my first big project on AS3 , its going to be a modern rpg where instead of people there will be circles, in the city there will be shops for everything, mafias, schools, houses, banks, im planning it to be viewed from a sky view and it will be great =D

i post this because i was thinking to do it as a Solo Project but i would love to take it as a collab, if someone knows to draw buildings from sky view, and general cities things i would love to work with him, i would do all the code in AS3 if no one appear for this collab i will end trying to do this alone so hope theres someone that wants to join this amazing new game project =D

Flash CS4

2008-11-17 18:15:38 by arosemena

i just got the trial for Flash CS4 Professional and new features are dam great, the 3d effects are awsome, the new tween system rulez xD makes things easier and the bone tool will be a great time saver for movies animators, i posted a little demo that i made in cs4 check it on my releases, i think im going to start learning AS3 more, because all the new functions need it, as2 is great but as3 is the future and we all need to evolve =) , try cs4 and tell me what you think, cs4 new tools are going to change the way we know movies and games , with a bit more of effort the 3d tool could create a dam good looking game, well im going back to flash see ya

Gatherer 3

2008-11-01 19:29:25 by arosemena

i just want to say that im working on the version 3 of gatherer, its going to be a war theme, with pretty good things that u will love =D