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New Project: "Circle Life"

2008-12-26 19:04:50 by arosemena

Its a new idea i got for a game, it will be my first big project on AS3 , its going to be a modern rpg where instead of people there will be circles, in the city there will be shops for everything, mafias, schools, houses, banks, im planning it to be viewed from a sky view and it will be great =D

i post this because i was thinking to do it as a Solo Project but i would love to take it as a collab, if someone knows to draw buildings from sky view, and general cities things i would love to work with him, i would do all the code in AS3 if no one appear for this collab i will end trying to do this alone so hope theres someone that wants to join this amazing new game project =D


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2009-05-31 16:38:57

I'd love to.
I'm an advanced AS2.0 programmer and I'd also love to learn AS3.0 becouse I wan't to make a robot rage game from above. I can already make something like that, I just wan't to make an online lobby where people can challange each other. This is not possible with AS2.0.